From Marina Maresh our Room Parent Coordinator:

Please tailor my Sunday emails as you see fit.  They are long especially at the beginning of the year but please feel free to shorten if you feel the information is getting to your class through other channels or it does not pertain to your class.

Meet with you teacher and discuss their needs and expectations.  Create a class roster.

If you have used email addresses from the teacher (derived from ParentVue) please ensure they are correct email addresses as sometimes ParentVue is not updated. ie I’m going to send a small form home with a quick note asking if everyone is getting my emails and if not, to please provide contact information.

Create a Shutterfly or Bloomz or other classroom site depending on what your teacher prefers.

Collecting money for parties, teacher gifts (Holiday, Birthday, End of Year). Find out your teacher’s favorite restaurants, shops etc.  Gift cards rule! Venmo, cash or check are all ways to collect money. Collect all up front or at specific times during the year.  Both work!

Record your hours if additional to signing in.  You will be asked an approximate of hours you volunteered in Feb. or March. All volunteer hours are recorded and submitted to the District and are connected with our funding.

Sign in and wear your badges. Make sure your parent volunteers are VIPs.

Assign a “Class Photographer”. This person(s) will take photos throughout the year and create the class page in the yearbook.  Encourage all parents to take photos and upload to link coming soon for yearbook. And if you can designate a person(s) for each event to take photos that would be ideal. A digital camera will also be available at each site soon for parents to sign out and use for a specific event.  More information on this will be coming soon.

Ensure you have a volunteer(s) for Meet the Masters.  First assembly/training is Sept.24th.  Your teacher will be using Sign-Up Genius to choose a date and time.  Please check with them on this date.  I will also send a schedule once the teachers have done this.

Room Parent Coordinator

Marina Baresh –