Naples Participates in District Science Fair

Across the country parents and educators applaud the lifelong benefits of Science Fairs: Critical Thinking, Analysis, Project Management, Writing, Storyboarding, Creative Expression and Oral Presentation. Of course we set the expectations appropriately for each child’s level, and help them hone their skills year by year. All students (K-5) are invited to sign up for Naples 2020 Science Fair (qualifying projects will be invited to LBUSD’s District Fair in May). Sign-up forms and info packets will be available in the office and online February 6. Sign-up forms are due February 13. Once reviewed and approved as having the basics to “get started,” students will have 6 weeks to complete their projects. Along the way, our team is available to help with ideas and tips through optional sign-up consultation sessions. Learn more at the Science Fair Kickoff Rally—Thurs, February 6, 2:00 at the Naples site picnic tables. We will share a few experiments as well as sample projects. Questions? Email Wayne Wong at

Parents, would you like to help with the Science Fair?

For information about volunteer opportunities, please email

Volunteer roles include…

Consultations after school at Naples campus (12 minutes per student)

1) Review Project Plans: February 24-25: 2-hour shifts

2) Preparing to Wrap-up Projects: March 16-17: 2-hour shifts

Student Interviews: March 30 – April 2

During school, students are collected from their classes for brief interviews. Volunteers will be trained and given a list of basic questions to pose to the students. This is meant to be a friendly, fun, low-pressure experience where the students are given an opportunity to talk about their work and what they learned. In 2019 we had 30 participants in grades K-2 and 23 participants in grades 3-5. If those numbers hold this year, we would need three 2-hour shifts at Kettering and four 2-hour shifts at Naples.

Project Scoring: March 30 – April 2

Scoring a project takes roughly 20 minutes and, if possible, we would like 2 volunteers to review each project. Scoring can take place during or after school… the students are not involved. Volunteers may commit to one 2-hour shift, back-to-back 2-hour shifts on the same day, or shifts on different days. Assuming 3 projects per hour per reviewer, we would need a total of eight 2-hour shifts at Kettering spread over four days, and ten 2-hour shifts at Naples spread over four days.